Dating and being in a relationship has two different meanings. The difference is found in the length and depth of commitment that you have towards each other. Well, a lot of people get confused if they are genuinely in a relationship or they are just dating. But one vital thing to keep in mind though is that a connection has high chances of leading to a long time commitment to marriage while when it comes to dating the possibilities are quite narrow.

So how do you know whether you are dating or in a relationship with your partner?

You don’t go out with other dates:

If you find that as a man you are not inviting other women for dates or as a woman you keep on turning other guys down, then you are in a relationship. This is because your heart and mind are focused on one person and hence you don’t feel being with someone else other than the person you are with. But, dating is entirely different. This is because you may find yourself flirting with other women or men, and you are not sure of whom you want to be with among the partners you have.


This is another area that you get to figure out if you are in a relationship or you are just dating. For example, if you are invited to a wedding or a party, and you need a plus one, the only person who comes to your mind first is her or him. If you have a problem or an issue, you find yourself asking for advice from the person you are with. This act shows that you are in a relationship with this person and you completely trust them. On the other side, if you find yourself going through your phone to choose among your crushes who you want to go with for the party or the special event, just know that you are still in dating stage and you have not found your true love yet.


How comfortable your partner is with you, determines if you are really in a relationship or just passing time. If you are with someone who wants to spend time with you regardless of what you are doing, rest assured there is a sign of long-term commitment. If you find your girlfriend or boyfriend watching a program that you love, but they don’t, know he or she is into you and values what you like. When we talk about dating, the case is different altogether. You may find that your fling does not want to do the things you love and prefer to be with his friends or maybe with another fling.

You are yourself:

Being in a relationship, you can express your real feelings since you are sure that your partner will not leave you. Unlike in dating where you have to hide your flaw just to keep the other person around.